your story

This little friend is you. Unfortunately, you're all alone in the dark forest and a little bit lost too.

Your goal is to navigate your way along the old path and out of the forest. (Stay off the grass though!)

One problem -- it's dark and your lantern can only let you see so far away.

You lost your map, so you'll have to guess a little bit on where the path is. So every step you venture out to look for an escape, you'll discover a little bit more of the path. Eventually, you'll see the way out.

Your map updates as you discover, so you can gradually go farther. The dark forest is kind of safe for a lonely traveler, but it's not somewhere you want to be stuck. You'll start every game in the bottom left corner and finish in the top right.

Good luck on your journey home!

how to play

The way you travel is a little unique. It's a lot less exhausting of a journey when you know where you're going before you step. For example, it's way easier for you to walk five steps forward than to walk a step forward and then walk a step forward and then walk a step forward and then walk a step forward and then walk a step forward.

So, you're going to be writing code to walk. You'll have several different commands to use:
       Move one space in any direction (up, down, left, right)
               ex: move right
       Move a certain number of steps in any direction
               ex: for 4 steps, move down
       Move as many steps as possible
               ex: while (as long as) you can move up, move up
       Attempt to move only if possible
               ex: if can you can move left, move left

You program as many steps as you want before you start moving. In fact, the more the merrier because the fewer times you move, the better your score. Watch out though because if you get too hasty and step off the path, it'll count as another move against your score.

Have fun experimenting with writing the code. There's all kinds of ways to optimize it. But don't forget to close your if, for, and while statements. You can put more than one movement statement in them, and when you're done, click "end" to add the closing brace.