About Us

We are the Low Gravity Hack Lads, a super excited group of students from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. We are all majoring in Computer Science. During our time with the University we've had the great opportunity to learn more about our amazing field and we want to share that knowledge with the next generation of students.

Dark Forest is a simple-to-use Web application that is targeted at younger students who might be interested in technology, science, or engineering. Our goal is to help foster and inspire the imaginations of children while helping teach them skills that they can apply to their trade one day.

Our application helps introduce the basic concepts of programming logic and allows student to visualize the actions caused by the code they've written. The game is simple: You find yourself in a maze at the lower left corner of the screen and you must escape at the upper right. The map will initially be covered with black until you start to explore throughout the forest. During this time, you will control your actions by selecting basic programming terms and conditions that will guide you through the maze, which hopefully will help you learn to think like a programmer.